20% revenue contributed to NAEO Relief Fund
Subscription box for call centers and answering services

Having problems consistently recognizing your agents?
Running out of time with your busy schedule?

Modernize and automate agent appreciation gifts with the subscription service made for busy call center and answering service managers

What's included?
Beautiful postcard
Unique magnet
Custom keychain
Fun wearable
Premium stickers
Usable consumables

Great for remotes and WFH operators! Select # of trunks, make payment, and send us your employee file to get started!

Custom Branding

Annual plans incorporate your brand and logo into your trunk designs! Build culture while promoting your company to your employees!

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Example items

What are trunks?

A trunk (or care package, subscription box, gift trunk, etc.) is a personalized package delivered in a beautifully-designed custom mailer. Each trunk contains fun items to make your agents smile and interact — it's like getting a surprise in the mail every month!

Do you charge for shipping?

Shipping is included for and limited to locations in the United States and Canada. Due to some import restrictions and to keep shipping costs affordable, we do not include candy or large items in trunks to Canada. These items are replaced with stickers, magnets, or smaller wearable options.

What if I have multiple offices or remotes?

We'll send trunks to your remotes and multiple office locations at no additional cost.

What personalization options are available?

Provide name, work anniversary, birth date, and delivery address for personalized greetings and special occasions. We'll also help you build an automated workflow integration to sync your employees at no additional cost.

Can I customize what's included?

Annual paid plans include custom branded items using your company logo and brand colors.

What kind of wearable items are included?

Wearables vary based on trunk and month. It might be buttons, medals, ribbons, pins, wristbands, bracelets, or similar items.

How many stickers are included in each trunk?

A random assortment of 5-8 premium custom-designed stickers are included in each trunk. All annual paid plans include custom branded items using your company logo and brand colors.

What are usable consumables?

Each trunk includes a random selection of consumable items such as hand sanitizer, wipes, ear-covers, lip-balm, candy, snacks, and more!

Is there a minimum purchase requirement?

At this time we have no minimum trunk purchase requirements.

Are there discounts for paying annually?

There are no discounts for paying annually. We decided to provide additional services for customers who make the commitment: custom branded packages.

What is the NAEO Relief Fund?

The NAEO Relief Fund helps telephone answering service and call center employees who are impacted by hurricanes, wildfires, and other catastrophic events. This contribution is not tax-deductible (whether you gift directly to the fund or indirectly through our monthly subscription.)

Why do you contribute 20% of revenue?

The fund is typically forgotten until a major catastrophe occurs, causing delays as NAEO petitions and collects donations (before they can even consider distribution.) By contributing 20% of our revenue per trunk ($3/trunk) we hope to provide steady, ongoing support to refill the NAEO Relief Fund so it's readily available when most needed.

What is your refund policy?

Monthly subscriptions are non-refundable. Annual subscriptions are refundable for the remaining full months minus the NAEO relief fund contribution.

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